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What Sets Us Apart

While we deliver skilled, aggressive representation, these are things that any firm should be providing to its clients.  There are other aspects to the practice of law upon which Stephen C. Giametta & Associates places a great deal of emphasis.  These are areas that many firms seem to ignore, but which we simply cannot.  They include providing services at fair and reasonable rates, making the effort to travel to our clients, engaging in open communications at hours you find convenient and treating you with dignity and respect.  We take pride in saying that each and every one of these is a hallmark of Stephen C. Giametta & Associates, and something you can always expect from us in addition to our very best efforts on your behalf.

Fair and Reasonable Fees

It is our belief that each and every person is entitled to proper representation.  Moreover, we believe that such representation should not be cost prohibitive.  Whether you are seeking to protect your rights, plan for the future, become a citizen, or something else entirely, we will do our best to provide a quote for our services that is comparatively reasonable.  Moreover, for your convenience we are able to accept payment by credit card or Paypal in addition to the more traditional forms.  Finally, depending on the situation we will often allow the payment of our fees over time so that you do not have to forego proper representation due to an inability to pay.  Please feel free to contact us by email or phone to discuss the fees that pertain to your particular matter.

Traveling to Our Clients

In an attorney-client relationship the attorney is employed by the client, not the other way around.  This fact is lost on most law firms, however, as many take the more arrogant stance that clients are expected to do the traveling.  Simply put, we believe this is wrong and even somewhat insulting to the client.  We therefore operate under the premise that when a face to face discussion is required we should make every effort to have that discussion at your home, place of business or wherever it may be convenient for you to meet.  This holds true whether the meeting in question is an initial consultation, or occurs after the attorney-client relationship has been formed.  Though not every situation will always permit it, whenever it is possible we will be the ones doing the traveling, not you.  

Open Communications at Convenient Times

The worst part about many legal situations is the unknown and/or confusion.  Many firms do nothing to alleviate this fear, and often exacerbate the problem by failing to properly educate their clients about the law, procedure or status of their case.  Worse yet, many firms fail to initiate communication with clients, or do so only at a time that is convenient for the firm.  We find this to be unacceptable.  Instead, we will focus on educating you on the law, as well as the real world procedure relating to that law.  In addition, after your case has been commenced we will continue to answer any questions you may have and will immediately reach out to you when changes occur.  Moreover, we will do our best to make certain that all of our communications take place at a time that you find convenient.  It does not matter if this means that such discussions take place before or after normal business hours.  What matters is that you have your questions answered, are always kept aware of each and every aspect of your case, and are not inconvenienced in the process.

Treating You With Dignity and Respect

Simply put, we make it a point to treat every client and potential client with dignity and respect.  This is a standard to which we always adhere, and we absolutely will not tolerate anything less.  So if you have spoken to other attorneys, and have been displeased by the arrogance and condescension you have encountered, please give us a call today.

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Available to meet at your home or at office locations in Hauppauge, Bohemia, Melville, Syosset, Uniondale, Manhasset, Hicksville and the five boroughs

Mailing address: ​​1001 Hawkins Ave, #1294  -  Lake Grove, New York 11755

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